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Learn About Irma Wy Inspirations & Creative Process


visual story featuring Kyla Kallista with IRMA WY jewelry


These pictures and video express figuratively a sort of lifestyle behind the creative process of Irma Wy jewelry.
‘’Kampung’’ means ‘’village’’ in Indonesian. Most of Irma Wy jewelry are partly created in a house in Ubud Bali,
near a typical local market where food and Balinese ceremonial clothes are sold.
These visuals honor the rural lifestyle that surrounds IRMA WY creative process’s journey.

Art direction: IRMA WY x Kyla Kalista
Pictures: Arief Ointoe and Irma
Video: Gung Indra

Irma Wy Stones

Irma chooses her stones in a very personal way. She will, with the help of stones dealers choose them through intuitive moods. She will walk through the hot alleys of the stones market, touch and observe the ones which attract her, wet the raw ones to search for appealing drawings or textures then sculpt them into minimal shapes.




Today Irma sources her stones mainly in Indonesia, a way for her to travel through the natural richness of her country of heritage. She has been amazed by their uniqueness and has learned about their properties and symbols. She is having fun to particularly create with the Agate ‘’batu akik’’ or Jasper stones that are culturally and usually collected by men to make imposing rings. For Irma, this creative process is a metaphor to place women into unpredictable roles usually dominated by men.


Pictures taken in a stone’s market in Surabaya near a river


Watch the last IRMA WY crowdfunding video on Kickstarter to see a glimpse of the creative process here


Raw and cut stones in a street market in Bali


“The Real Voyage of Discovery Consists Not In Seeking New Landscapes,
But In Having New Eyes”

-Marcel Proust, French ecrivain