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Having been particularly passionate about creating custom made jewellery for now more than 3 years, Irma is now able to creatively serve you in a more efficient way. Irma invites you to express yourself with a wide range of possibilities to create your unique IRMA WY custom-made jewellery.

Create with me your own unique jewellery that suits your personality. Choose an IRMA WY model as a base to get the type of shape you would like, the metal you prefer and style of stones you love. For necklaces and floral earrings, choose the aspect of textile you prefer. If you would like to ask for particular things please write us in customer information message box provided. Please do not hesitate to upload other jewellery references to complete the description of your request.

Once we receive your order, we will send you one to three propositions, depending on the flow of inspiration.


Base Model




Textile Petals

Textile Ribbon

Ring Size Measurement Guideline

Budget Estimation


Minimum $200 for personalized jewellery

Customer Information

Additional Information

If the main choices of jewellery and materials do not reflect your request enough, feel free to add other pictures of jewellery or other types of references to specify your desire (Note that we do not accept to create exact copies of other designers or renowned brands creations)

Upload product references and a picture of yours to give the designer more details about your personality (Max. 25MB)