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SWIRL jewel (smaller lenght) – A collaboration between mom and daughter





Irma asked her mom Wasih Yasandikusuma to create two pieces of her swirly jewels using our archive of semi-precious stones and pearls with IRMA WY colours combination vision.

Sustainibility is also about creating with what we already have around us.

Wasih has developped this playful technique many years ago for the pleasure and won an international competition in Geneva, Switzerland thanks to this versatile jewelry that stood out from all the classical techniques displayed. Irma wanted to insert it to her new story ‘Pagi Amor‘.

Made at home in Geneva

Mix of semi-precious stones ( Agates, Onyx, Jade) and white sea pearls and teinted dark pearls with nylon thread. This is the smaller lenght, you can order the longer one with same colours atmosphere at 120chf.

Wear it as a short necklace, chocker, bracelet, ear piece and multi-rings and so many other ways. Contact us to receive more pictures on how to wear it

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